Eviction Support Services

Poseidon are rapidly becoming the "go to" choice for Eviction Support Services in Devon & Cornwall, providing a highly trained, dynamic service to a wide range of clients throughout Devon & Cornwall.

Common law evictions of unauthorised persons on private land is the most cost-effective way to remove travellers from private property. Our specialist teams can not only draft and serve the required paperwork but provide a full response including our specially equipped mobile CCTV unit to monitor and record all activity for evidential purposes.

Our dedicated Eviction Support Team are fully equipped with the appropriate PPE and vehicles to carry out the tasks ahead of them, including 4x4 Recovery vehicles, Body Cameras, Shields, Body Armour and Trauma Kits. We also support High Court Enforcement Officers and County Court Bailiffs throughout the counties with the control and removal of dogs from premises whilst evictions are being carried out. This specialist service is invaluable when considering the safety of the public and enforcement officers.

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