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Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response are the cost effective alternative in Devon & Cornwall.

The decision to choose a static security guard or to have Mobile Patrols keeping a vigilant eye on your premises or facility is very often a financial one. Poseidon's Mobile Patrol Service is a reliable, cost effective solution when the cost of having a static security guard is deemed unrealistic. Mobile Security Patrols are carried out to your premises or facility in accordance with your individual requirements by our S.I.A Licensed, highly experienced, professional, and uniformed Patrol officers.

Mobile patrols can help reduce the chance of your business being a victim of crime in Devon & Cornwall in several ways:

  1. Deterrence: Mobile patrols act as a visible deterrent to criminals, making it less likely that they will target your business. When criminals see that your property is being regularly patrolled by security personnel, they are less likely to attempt a break-in or other criminal activity.
  2. Rapid response: In the event that a crime does occur, mobile patrols can provide a rapid response to the situation. This can help prevent the crime from escalating and limit the amount of damage done to your business.
  3. Increased surveillance: Mobile patrols can provide increased surveillance of your business, identifying potential security risks and taking action to address them. This can include monitoring the perimeter of your property, checking doors and windows, and ensuring that security cameras are functioning properly.
  4. Flexibility: Mobile patrols can be customised to meet the specific needs of your business. This may include varying the time and route of patrols, as well as adjusting the level of security depending on the current threat level.

Overall, mobile patrols can provide an effective and flexible security solution for businesses in Devon & Cornwall, helping to reduce the chance of crime and provide peace of mind for business owners and employees.

Each of our sign written patrol vehicles operates within a specific geographical area using local patrol officers for their extensive knowledge and experience of the community. Poseidon operate Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response throughout Devon & Cornwall.

Although some property related crime is of the 'opportunistic' variety, much is planned in advance. Having highly visible, random visits to your premises or facility deters many 'would be' wrongdoers from targeting your property in the first place. All our vehicles are GPS tracked for total transparency, we are able to provide reports clearly showing when a vehicle arrives and leaves any site. In addition to providing a security patrol, Poseidon are also able to offer a full unlock and lock service out of hours, saving you valuable time unlocking for out of hours works.

Should our patrols discover anything when attending, they will liaise with the Police to ensure that your premises or facility is totally secure, if required they will even arrange boarding up.

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