Cornwall's only authorised installer of the most advanced monitored visually verified intruder detection system

RaiderVision is the world's most advanced temporary alarm system and the only one on the market designed specifically for temporary external and remote applications. Designed and built in the UK, RaiderVision provides a highly client-centric surveillance service for construction site security, scaffolding security and vacant property security throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Our construction site, scaffolding and vacant property security services are all provided with alarm response services. In the event of an alarm activation, our control room staff assess the cause of the activation and, if an intruder is seen, our SIA-certified response guards are sent to the site.

On arrival, the guard notifies our control room and carries out a full site patrol, noting any obvious damage. Upon completion of the patrol, if intruder is no longer on site and there is no obvious damage to property or equipment, the site is secured and a report is emailed to the client site manager along with a video of the intrusion.

If obvious damage or theft has occurred and or the intruder is still on site, police are called and the client site manager contacted for additional instructions. Once the situation has been resolved, a report is emailed to the client site manager, along with a police incident number.

RaiderVision employs dual optic detection, meaning that an object must break two detection beams in order to trigger an alarm. This vastly reduces the number of false activations, compared to other systems using a single optic detector. This significant reduction in false alarms means we can respond to confirmed alarm activations much quicker than other providers.

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