Site Guardian

Cornwall's only authorised installer of the most advanced monitored visually verified intruder detection system

Site Guardian offers the ultimate protection for your project, requiring zero infrastructure on site. Site Guardian can be rapidly deployed throughout Devon & Cornwall

  • 100% Power Free Installation
  • Video Verified Intruder Detection
  • HD Live Video & Recording
  • High Power Siren & Strobe Light
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Fire Detection

The Site Guardian System delivers total site security without the need for any external power or communications infrastructure. Each Site Guardian systems features a unique dual path detection system with intelligent video equipped detectors which can be mounted in remote areas of the site to provide total security protection.

All our systems are monitored by our 24/7 Control Room ensuring any activations are responded to quickly & efficiently, backed by our dedicated Mobile Patrol & Response officers.

Due to the technology behind Site Guardian we are able to offer you a fully app controlled system - enabling you to arm & disarm the system remotely. Site Guardian can even be armed & disarmed by timer in line with your project hours meaning you never need worry that the system has not been set the last person leaving site.

Never worry about false activations - Site Guardian is totally visually verified; this means our skilled control room review each activation and determine the cause. If the activation is assessed to be a genuine intruder, then a highly visible fully liveried security patrol unit is sent to your project. On arrival they carry out a full patrol and deal with any issue on site.

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